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Victoria Division Lunch Meeting

Tue 03 Mar 2020 @12PM to 1.30PM

AIA Vic Division Lunch Meeting Tue 3 Mar 12.00 PM to 1.30 PM [Webinar available]

The Australian Beef Industry – A Reflection by John Gunthorpe


John Gunthorpe, CPA BCom DipEd CTA, has significant experience in the agribusiness sector having previously been CEO of Australian Poultry (Steggles), Australia Meat Holdings and the Meat Division of Elders IXL Limited. John is past president of the Agribusiness Association of Australia and a member of the Prime Minister’s Business Consultative Committee on APEC. He is passionate about the beef industry and education. Mentoring of young people to achieve their ambitions in the beef supply chain is critical to the future success of our industry and John’s membership of ABIF aims to assist in this objective.

The industry has many challenges throughout the beef supply chain. Producers are unrepresented and in a weak position in dealing with their stakeholders. For too long cattle producers’ apathy has permitted our peak councils to be run by expired industry personalities enjoying the largesse of the gravy train. Levies are spent by our service organisations on projects without any assessment of performance or cost / benefit analysis. Waste is rampant. Beef produced is too expensive. Operating costs on farm and in abattoirs must be reduced to remain internationally competitive. Bureaucrats are intruding into our operations adding cost without any financial benefit. We cannot rely on political parties to resolve our problems. They have failed us too often. Industry must solve these problems if we are to return to a profitable and sustainable future.

Elgin Inn Hotel, 75 Burwood Road, Hawthorn. 1st Floor. 

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