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SA Division: O-Night @ Roseworthy Campus

Fri 12 Mar 2021


SA Division: O-Night @ Roseworthy Campus


The Agriculture Institute of Australia (AIA) SA division met with 1st year Animal and Veterinary Science students during O-Night activities at the Roseworthy Campus on 11th March 2021.

Bruce Hancock & Craig Davis represented the AIA (SA) and provided students with an opportunity to join AIA as student members.



The AIA has key functions that are valued by students and early-career professionals.

 *   AIA is the Agriculturalists, Professional Organisation of choice, no matter what career you take.

 *   AIA members are trusted, informed, and connected via networks and relationships that can initially lead to work experience, and possibly employment.

 *   Its FREE for students, and slowly scales up from an early career professional

 *   It runs the only professional accreditation program for Agriculturalists

 *   Membership reflects well on your CV, will help in gaining that first interview, and will give you some experience and industry connections & relationships to talk about at interview where your future employee will ask behavioural questions.

 *   There is Professional development in both technical and communication



In addition, in 2021, the AIA SA Branch is offering to both University of Adelaide’s Waite an Roseworthy Campus students;

*   A chance for 1st Years to “meet ‘n’ greet ‘n’ e-join” at O-Day @ Waite, and O-Night @ Roseworthy.

 *   A “$200 RMW Clothing Voucher Prize” for a new AIA Student Member, drawn on 29th March ‘21.

 *   On attending their 1st event, a copy of the “2021 AIA Student Compendium” which list over 40 Awards, Scholarships, Conferences, Competitions, training, and Graduate & Intern opportunities for Undergraduates

 *   Partnering with AUASA in its careers and professional development activities.

More information can be found at  and the membership link is


Kind regards,

Craig Davis

AIA South Australian Division

Ag Institute Australia

PO Box 576, Crows Nest NSW 1585 | Australia

Phone +61 2 9431 8657 | Fax +61 2 9431 8677





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