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Ag Institute VIC Webinar: Genome Editing of Plants and Mammalian Cells

Tue 06 Apr 2021 @12pm to 1pm




Genome Editing of Plants and Mammalian Cells

Our speaker for April is Dr Natasha Brohier who graduated with a BSc from Iowa State University in Biochemistry while working as a casual in the Nikolau group research working on plant lipid metabolism.

She then completed her MSc and PhD from La Trobe University in 2020 on genome editing technology for modification of fungal endophytes of pasture grasses.

Currently she works as a research scientist in the bacteriology department of the Microbial Sciences, Pests and Diseases research team at the AgriBio Centre for AgriBioscience.

Natasha will be talking about genome editing techniques for both plant and mammalian cells, improvements to the technology along with published applications.

Contact Bill Lewis for the Webinar Link: 

M 0417 146 800,



Regards, Bill

W E Lewis FAIA | Secretary | Victoria Division | Ag Institute Australia

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