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Victoria Division Lunch - Tuesday 14 November 2017

Tue 14 Nov 2017 @12:00pm

Victoria Division Lunch Tuesday 14 November 2017 at 12.00pm 

Dairying - Where at, Where to?”, is the topic that will be investigated by Kevin Maher, B Agr Sc, Melb Uni, 1960.  He worked as an Agricultural Extension Officer, Victorian Department of Agriculture then consulted with J. P. Makeham & Associates.  Since 1970, he has operated his own practice based in Colac.  Awarded a Churchill Fellowship in 1976, which he used to investigate feed planning, feed (pasture) utilisation and grazing management strategies in intensive dry-land dairying enterprises in New Zealand, and to assess the relevance of those strategies to dry-land enterprises in winter rainfall areas, mainly in south-west Victoria, but also in west and south Gippsland, northern Tasmania and the far south-west of W.A. 

The dairy industry has gone through some traumatic experiences throughout that past five to six years, in particular the last eighteen months, due some poor decisions by senior management at two major dairy companies. The flow on effects to Victorian dairy farmers has been horrific.  Farmers have jumped companies putting Murray Goulburn, a once major and stable company, in a precarious position where they have had to shut two factories, is now in a precarious viability situation.  A reduction of in excess of 20% of their milk supply and destabilised.  Rationalisation has also been occurring that has seen the Kraft Brand, that has been a stalwart of marketing for one hundred years, withdrawn from the supermarkets.  The processing facilities and products rebranded and sold to the Bega company.  Milk prices have been depressed due to an oversupply worldwide are now showing signs of rising.  Farmers Cash Flow and viability has been severely impacted. 

Kevin will share his experiences advising dairy farmers, working with them to improve profitability.  He will try and make sense of all this from a farmer perspective.

Date:     Tuesday 14 November 2017

Time:    12:00pm

Venue:  The Elgin Inn Hotel, 75 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 1st floor, 

RSVP:  By Sunday 12 November 17 to Bill Lewis, 0417 146 800 or    

Please purchase your food and drink requirements downstairs. 



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