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SA Division Speaker and Networking Event (and AGM)

Wed 18 Apr 2018 @5:00pm - 7:30pm

An extremely informative evening was enjoyed by nearly 40 AIA members, non-members and students on 18 April. There was great networking in the beautiful Urrbrae House, Waite Campus of the University of Adelaide, bot before and after an absorbing presentation.

Guest speaker Professor Tim Reeves FTSE had the audience’s undivided attention as he outlined the case for risks to food and nutritional security and some of the hard decisions agriculturists and policy makers face in ensuring the worst case does not develop. Professor Reeves pointed out the vast numbers of people suffering from undernutrition, malnutrition and over nutrition and the unequal distribution of these across populations. He identified future “hotspots” of population growth and areas which will suffer the greatest from the impacts of climate change, pollution, land degradation and water and energy shortages. He also emphasised that striving for sustainable agriculture production systems and reducing food wastage at every step along the food chain would be crucial if we are to feed people adequately in future. The audience engaged in great discussion, including about the issues of poor farmers not having land tenure and thus less motivation to invest in sustainable farming practices. We left aware of many problems, but with hope of a pathway for success.




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