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Response to opinion piece on global population and food supply

Tue 17, Dec 2019
The impact of increasing population on food demand and the environmental impact of the larger agriculture needed to feed the world is now further complicated by the promised climate crisis. more …

Dr Richard George wins a WA Award of Excellence for 2019

Thu 12, Dec 2019
Dr Richard George has contributed 35 years of high quality service to agriculture and natural resource management. He is a worthy recipient of the WA Division's Award of Excellence. more …

Who's data is it anyway?

Tue 10, Dec 2019
The importance of ethics in agtech, particularly in the areas of data ownership, management of client’s data, and the use of artificial intelligence (AI) for automation. more …

NSW Ethics Masterclass

Mon 18, Nov 2019
AIA NSW Ethics Masterclass

The Rising Tide of Ethics in Australian Agriculture more …

AIA Accreditation Scheme Gets Good Reception At Crop Consultants Seminar

Thu 11, Jul 2019
At the recent Crop Consultants Australia Seminar in Narrabri, AIA Chair Turlough Guerin was invited to present on the recent launch of the industry-first accreditation scheme, Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg).

View a copy of his presentation here: more …

CAg Applications Now Available Online

Thu 20, Jun 2019
The Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) scheme online application system is now ready to take applications. AIA Members and non-members can apply. For AIA Members who do not have CPAg status, now is a good time to get your CPAg grading. If you are a professional member with CPAg status or you are an agricultural professional accredited under a related industry scheme, then you may be eligible for achieving the CAg grading. more …

Prestigious National Student Award goes to NSW Ag Scientist

Wed 01, May 2019
Stephanie MacKillop from NSW has taken out the Ag Institute Australia (AIA) National Student Award (NSA), one of the most prestigious honours for agricultural science students across the country. more …

International Women’s Day

Tue 05, Mar 2019
The AIA has numerous women members in its ranks. Three of our current National and Divisional Board Members agreed to an interview about their roles in Australian agriculture. As AIA Chair I am pleased to be able to work with agricultural professionals who as so passionate about their careers, the profession of agriculture, and the AIA.

I asked them each to share insights on how they have contributed to agriculture and natural resources in their roles, any professional or personal insights that they’d like to share, and finally, what changes do you think are needed in the AIA. Some of the responses were challenging and as members we should all reflect on the insights they have shared. more …

Significant impact on agriculture from Banking Royal Commission says AIA

Thu 21, Feb 2019

The importance of the recently launched professional accreditation scheme for agriculture has been highlighted by the Banking Royal Commission (BRC). Developed by Ag Institute Australia (AIA), the Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) program directly tackles ethical issues raised by the BRC, which have ramifications for consultants, advisors and other professionals working in services sectors such as agriculture and natural resource management.

more …

What Should the Agricultural and Natural Resource Management Sectors Learn from the Banking Royal Commission?

Fri 15, Feb 2019
Ag Institute of Australia (AIA) has been considering the findings of the recent Banking Royal Commission (BRC).
In the context of the niche that the AIA occupies in Australian agriculture and natural resource management, and particularly as an organisation that supports and enables the development and recognition of industry professionals, the ramifications of the BRC are in our view both relevant to our stakeholders, and in many ways has profound significance. more …

Two Royal Commissions, One Common Theme

Tue 12, Feb 2019
Weekly Alert Chair's column more …

Science an essential partner to drive agriculture forward

Tue 28, Mar 2017
Ag Institute Australia has called for sufficient ongoing support and investment in science-based innovation to help drive agriculture forward in Australia. Without this, AIA warns, Australian agriculture will lose significant opportunities and advantages.
more …

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