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Tue 18, Sep 2018

The AIA NSW Division recently hosted a six-person delegation from China’s Ningxia Province, located in central China. It is a rather dry region with the Yellow River flowing through it. Main cropping products are wolfberries and corn, and the dominate grazing animals are sheep and goats. Ningxia’s wine industry is set for a boom, in particular in the eastern base of the Helan Mountains, with reports that some 8,000 hectares have been allocated for future wine grape production in that region.

Delegation members were interested in many aspects of Australian agricultural production, in particular how we cope with our long dry periods. Other areas of interest included plant nutrition/fertiliser use (overuse of the latter is common throughout China). Bob Fozzard explained that it is important to apply the correct fertilizer at the right time to achieve the best effect. The use of GPS mapping of soil nutrition and matching variable fertilizer application rates was explained.

Michelle Quaglia  Business Development & Engineering Manager of the Croydon (NSW) based Dosec Design explained clearly how the wide range of products that Dosec designs and manufactures remotely control the management of vital farm inputs. Soil moisture monitoring, water flows, and in the case of greenhouses, the automatic control of the atmosphere to achieve the best conditions for plant health and growth. A most interesting and informative presentation. 

Thanks to Bob Fozzard for this report.


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