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Tue 23, Oct 2018

Victoria Division Lunch Meeting - Tuesday 13th November from 12pm – 1:30pm (webinar available).

Our speaker Dr Bob Redden will provide a comprehensive overview on the importance of GMO crops worldwide, history, development and commercialisation, diversity of crops & uses of the products including food safety.

  • The worldwide protests at not being able to use 2nd generation hybrid sterile seed by farmers in developing countries
  • The role of the Office of the Gene Technology Regulator [OGTR] established in Australia
  • The status of the current Government review of the OGTR and processes.
  • Gene banks don't hold GM seed stocks but take precautions to avoid contamination
  • GMO a big positive for world food supply
  • The mishandling of PR and communications has put many offside and imposed huge costs on GM technology.

Elgin Inn Hotel, 75 Burwood Road, Hawthorn, 1st Floor.  W:
Purchase your food and drink requirements downstairs then head upstairs.

RSVP: Friday 9 November.  Contact Bill Lewis: M 0417 146 800, Text or E<>

Join by webinar if attendance in person is not possible - contact Bill for the webinar link. 


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