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AIA Accreditation Scheme Gets Good Reception At Crop Consultants Seminar

Thu 11, Jul 2019

At the recent Crop Consultants Australia Seminar in Narrabri, AIA Chair Turlough Guerin was invited to present on the recent launch of the industry-first accreditation scheme, Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg). 

The event was very well attended by consultants, agribusiness professionals, scientists and farmers from the north west plains and beyond. Turlough highlighted the importance of an accreditation scheme in agriculture and how CAg and the positive response to it so far reinforces the professional and forward-looking nature of Australian agriculture. 

Questions from the floor recognised how other countries like the US already have programs in place and whether or not Australia was heading the direction of similarly legislated accreditation. 
Over the course of the two days, NSW Committee member Guy Coleman handed out many CAg and CPAg brochures with interest from early career and late career alike. Several CAg and CPAg applications have come in as a result.

A big thank you to CCA for the invitation to the event, support of the AIA and the CAg scheme.

View a copy of the presentation here


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