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NSW Ethics Masterclass

Mon 18, Nov 2019

The Agricultural Institute of Australia hosted their inaugural Ethics Masterclass recently at The University of Sydney. It goes without saying that agriculture is on the cusp on numerous emerging ethical dilemmas and the AIA has already started to participate and engage more fully in this important area.

This first in our series of Ethics Masterclasses was well attended. There were over 20 attendees. Pertinent and a wide range of ethical dilemmas were discussed and debated. Some of these topics included Food Wastage, Academic Ethics and Data Ownership & Privacy. Problem solving ideas were discussed in small groups. Some of the feedback noted from the attendees were:

‘It was absolutely my pleasure to meet all of you guys and really enjoyed every moment and learnt a lot.’

A wide variety of speakers were in attendance to educate and discuss these topics.  It was a fantastic networking opportunity for members and non-members alike. All participants received an e-Certificate and the CPD points can go towards their CAg & CPAg profile.

To learn about our CAg Scheme please see here.

To learn more about our CPAg Scheme please see here.



                         AIA Chair Turlough Guerin



                  Chris Russell on AIAs Code of Ethics


            Scott McKinnon leading a small group cass discussion




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