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Recognition & Support for Indigenous Agriculturalists

Tue 04, Aug 2020


The AIA is committed to advancing the profession, and the application of science and technology, for the sustainable development of agriculture and natural resource management in Australia. Despite this core mission, the AIA does not explicitly recognise and include highly knowledgeable Indigenous communities in its core plans.

It is widely accepted that Indigenous communities have highly valuable knowledge of land and resource management. Emerging evidence also suggests Indigenous communities have knowledge of agricultural practises that could significantly increase the sustainability and success of Australian agriculture.

The board has noted the significant lack of engagement with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and has agreed to take steps to include Indigenous communities in the AIA’s mission to advance Australian agriculture. This may, at first glance, seem contrary to the mission of advancing the profession through science and technology. Another way to see it, however, is by supporting new and emerging expertise that could significantly advance Australia’s agriculture industry through better practices.

To this end, the Board has approved a small working group to start creating connections in Indigenous communities and working on ways to better include these communities. 

We are calling on the AIA membership. If you want to be involved, or already have connections to Indigenous communities working in the agriculture or natural resource management space, please reach out to  


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