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Join us on Ag Day

Tue 17, Nov 2020




Join us on Ag Day

National Ag Day 2020 will be held on 20 November.

We have put a challenge to our members to come up with the best idea for the AIA to consider for meeting the $100 bn target by 2030 industry challenge for Australian agriculture. You can register here to put your idea forward: We are also running a photo competition – more details on the website.

Ethics Masterclasses

You will have a chance to enrol in one or both of the classes that the AIA is offering in preparation for achieving your Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) status.

The first in the morning will be the Introductory Masterclass. You can enrol in the class here:

The topics we will be running group sessions on are:

 · Academic misconduct

· Product sales

· Biosecurity

· Migration and related agricultural issues

The second will be the Advanced Masterclass which will be held in the afternoon. You can enrol in the class here:

The topics we will be planning to run in the group sessions on are:

· AgriTech

· Product Distribution

· Financial Sustainability

· Food Poisoning

· Horticulture

If you have already taken part in one the previous AIA Ethics Masterclasses, then you will know how interactive these are. They start with an introduction to the topic of ethics followed by an interactive session which provides skill development through the case study methods. Our facilitators have experience in their fields of expertise and have a guided plan for working through the ethical dilemmas in each case study, and each breach of the AIA Code of Ethics is identified and discussed. All breakout sessions then provide a report back of the high-level learnings from their particular case study to all participants. The feedback so far on the several sessions that we have run have been overwhelmingly positive.

Ag Day 2020 will also be chance to reconnect with others from the various divisions and interest areas. Breakout network groups will include one from South Australia as it reboots activities, another on advisory, agronomy, livestock, general agriculture and climate change.

We are looking forward to you registering for the various sessions and joining us on 20 November for National Ag Day 2020.

Turlough Guerin Chair AIA CAg


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