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Ag Institute: Annual Strategy Review

Tue 08, Dec 2020


The Board met in September for its annual strategy review and, as has so often been the case this year, undertook the whole exercise via Zoom. The Zoom platform does force an element of discipline, focus and brevity, proving Parkinson’s Law, that work expands to fill the time available for its completion.

We set ourselves a goal to simplify the plan, retaining the most relevant and impactful elements and incorporating the insights gained from the survey of members and non-members undertaken earlier this year. We also considered the context in which we were operating, noting the National Farmers’ Federation vision to exceed $100Bn in farm gate output by 2030.

Our vision was thus to see a thriving and professional agricultural sector, with our purpose as the Ag Institute to build the capacity and influence of Australian agricultural professionals. The values we consider most aligned to both the future and the past Institute are: 

  • Professional
  • Relevant
  • Progressive
  • Objective

Following from this, the results we choose to accomplish, aligned with the Objects of our Constitution are to:

  1. Deliver standards of conduct & competence for professionals in agriculture.

  2. Require professional development for AIA members involved in agriculture.

  3. Recognise & reward outstanding contributions to agriculture.

  4. Assist our members in the development and application of science, technology and innovation for the sustainable development of Australian agriculture.

  5. Provide a voice through which professionals in Agriculture can interact with government at all levels on science & technology solutions to issues relevant to the agriculture sector.

  6. Enable the opportunity for cross-organisational activities whose objectives are compatible with those of the AIA.

We intend to achieve those results by creating value through offers that are unique to the AIA and which meet the needs of our key member groups, the early- to mid-career professionals, graduates and industry cohorts. We also have an obligation to ensure that our governance remains sound and that we actively develop our successors in Division and Board roles.

The deliverables in 2021 include a revamp of the Journal and a focus on our core professional products and the profile of these within the industry. Both these initiatives will require resources, and we intend to supplement our fee revenue accordingly. 

These initiatives will stretch our budget so we will also emulate similar organisations in making it easier for those so inclined to contribute bequests and donations.

Feedback on this plan is welcomed from all members by directly responding with your comments to We particularly invite the Divisions to engage on how the Objects can be met through the delivery of Division activities, and members to recommend innovative platforms, events and cross-organisational collaborations which will enhance their experience with Ag Institute Australia.  


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