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From the Director: Recognising outstanding achievement

Tue 02, Feb 2021



Outstanding achievement in agriculture should be recognised – the Ag Institute Australia recognises outstanding, specific contributions to the advancement of agriculture by giving awards to deserving recipients.


What are the awards?

The Ag Institute has six national awards to recognise a range of contributions to agriculture. Divisions may also present divisional awards that are separate to the Ag Institute’s national awards. In summary, the national awards are:

  • Australian Medal of Agricultural Science: Outstanding, specific contributions to the advancement of agriculture and natural resource management.

  • Fellowship: Contribution to agriculture and the Institute.

  • Medal of Agriculture: Excellence in contribution to agriculture (mainly though science and science leadership).

  • Life Member Award: Long serving AIA members that have made outstanding contributions to the Institute and profession.

  • Young Professionals in Agriculture: Contribution to advancement of Agriculture in Australia and outstanding achievements in agriculture

  • PhD Travel Bursary: Research or course work that ‘promotes the advancement in Australian agriculture and natural resource management in accord with sound scientific developments’.

How do I nominate someone for an award?


It is best to contact your local division to nominate someone for an award. The Awards Committee will consider the nominations received from divisions and put forward their recommendations to the Board. The Medal and Fellowship will be presented at the Ag Institute AGM which is usually held in April each year.


When do nominations close?

Divisions are receiving nominations now. Nominations will close on 20 February 2021.


Edmund Delves

Chair, Awards Committee



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