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Tue 14, Aug 2018

We have been seeking feedback to further shape the design of the Chartered scheme and to make CPAg more workable. The CPAg and Chartered schemes have been developed for the benefit of Members and for enhancing the sector more broadly, and your input is key to this.

Here are some of the recent developments based on your feedback:

  • NAME & DESIGNATION: We are consulting with members on the potential names and designations for the Chartered scheme. We will be referring to the Chartered scheme until we have come to an agreement on the name and designation – not CAP
  • MEMBERSHIP: the membership categories have been reviewed, and we are renaming the “Affiliate” category to “Subscribers”. View the changes here:
  • ACHIEVING CHARTERED STATUS: The pathways to achieving Chartered status are broadening. This will be particularly valuable for advisors who are largely undertaking consulting work for clients. More details to come on these enhancements.
  • ALIGNING CPD PERIODS: the period to attain CPD for both CPAg and Chartered membership status has been extended to align the two programs. Members will now have a 3-year period to attain their 60 CPD units, rather than 12-months as previously required.
  • EXTENDING CPD ACTIVITIES: the range of activities to achieve CPD are being extended and will be released in early September.

The FAQ list on the website will be updated shortly to reflect the above changes.

At our recent Divisional Chairs Meeting, we shared the below graphics, illustrating the CPAg and Chartered Membership process during the introductory/transition period and afterwards. The full presentation may be viewed here:


Turlough Guerin




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