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Tue 11, Sep 2018

To think that agriculture will somehow escape the disruptive changes sweeping through numerous industry sectors is of course an unreasonable idea. In fact, disruption is already upon us in Australian agriculture. Each week we hear of new technologies and concepts that are being announced, many of which have come from outside the agricultural and natural resource management sector.

Disruption in our sector won’t be limited to on-farm technology, which has traditionally been the one thing that producers knew for certain would change. It will be a lot broader. It will include changes to production planning, some of which will be resulting from more climate variability, all the way through to changing consumer preferences, and the increasing demand for knowing where produce comes from, as well as social license-to-operate issues.

Our upcoming Brave New World – Ag to 2030 National Conference in November will tackle this vexed issue. Speakers will talk to financial disruption, new trading platforms for producers to get unprecedented access to markets, how a drier landscape will impact the sector, as well as a showcase of the numerous technology disruptions that are now appearing both on and off farm – all of which are disrupting and transforming our sector.

It is an incredibly exciting time to be in Australian agriculture. The thought of keeping up to date with all the changes that are going on in our sector can be daunting. However, as professionals, it is not an option to avoid learning about the changes and disruptions that are pressing up against the sector.

Don’t miss your chance to get up to speed in all that is disrupting and transforming agriculture and our natural resource management sector by registering for the National Conference here: Lock it in your diary now so you don’t miss it, and find the conference hub online here:

Turlough Guerin

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