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Certified Practising Agriculturalist (CPAg)

The First Step on your Professional Accreditation Journey.  

The Certified Practising Agriculturalist (CPAg) scheme is the AIA’s program of recognition for continuing professional education that contributes to the development of the professional agriculturist’s skills and knowledge. This recognises the qualified CPAg for their commitment to their profession.

CPAg provides the first step for members embarking on the AIA Chartered Agriculturalist (CAg) scheme (see CAg page for more details).

More information: CPAg Flyer 

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What is a Certified Practicing Agriculturalist (CAg)?

A Certified Practicing Agriculturalist is recognised by the industry as being committed to continuing professional education.

By recording your CPD activities, you can demonstrate your up-to-date knowledge of the sector and encourage reflection on your learning.

Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

The cornerstone of the CPAg certification is Continuing Professional Development (CPD). The program enables you to record and track your professional development experiences. To obtain and maintain recognised CPAg status, a member must be able to demonstrate a minimum of 60 CPD points accrued over a 3-year period. Points earned in excess of 20 points each year can be carried forward into the next year as a credit.

CPD points can be earned by engaging in professional development activities undertaken by AIA and its Divisions across Australia, other organisations and service providers with activities that enhance professional development, and through informal and self-directed activities such as professional reading.

Apply for CPAg Now

If you are already a member of AIA: complete your CPD log here, and submit with your current CV to

If you are not yet a member of AIA: please create an online profile here, and then submit your current CV and the CPAg application form to

Eligible CPD Activities

These activities are considered any that contribute to the development of professional agriculturalist skills and knowledge. CPAg members are required to undertake 60 CPD points every three years. For more information on how to record your points and a list of eligible activities and their CPD points, see our CPD page.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is CPAg compulsory for AIA members?  

From 1 January 2019, Professional Members of AIA will be required to achieve & maintain their CPAg status. As a CPAg, you will be required to commit to undertaking the 60 CPD points over the following 3 year period.  For AIA members who wish to pursue AIA’s Chartered Agriculturalist accreditation scheme (CAg), CPAg is the entry level for that program.

How much does CPAg cost?

The annual CPAg membership fee is $425. This includes $55 to cover the cost of administering the program. 

How will people recognise I have attained CPAg?

Those members who achieve CPAg status can use the post-nominals CPAg after their name and the distinctive CPAg logo on their professional materials such as email signature, website, business cards and stationary. On request, you will receive a certificate of recognition issued by the AIA and signed by the Chair of the AIA Board.

In addition, AIA will market and promote the value of its CPAg program and value-add of its members’ achievements as a CPAg.

What is the CPAg Assessment Process?

CPAg is principally a self-reporting and self-recording system of your professional activity.  However, the program does include points of assessment in determining if members activities entered are eligible, and a formal random audit process is undertaken by a panel of Senior Member's of AIA inclusive of at least two directors from the AIA Board.  This panel is called the CPAg Assessment Panel.  Those participating in the CPAg program can expect a random audit at a minimum of once every seven years.  If the CPAg Assessment Panel identifies anomalies in a member’s CPAg application and activity record, the member will be contacted directly.  Where additional activity is required of the member a grace period of 12 months is provided to correct the shortfall.  If the anomalies cannot be addressed after the 12-month period, CPAg status lapses and the Member is not entitled to use the CPAg post-nominal. The Member will no longer be eligible for Professional Membership. However, if that member was using CPAg as part of a process to achieve or maintain Chartered Agricultural Professional status, that status may be lost and accreditation will not be available to the member.  In addition, if any impropriety were detected in terms of breaching of the AIA Code of Ethics, AIA Membership eligibility would be reassessed.